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How's The Xmas Shopping Going? And Can I Help You?

So, how's the Xmas shopping going? All done and dusted, with everything wrapped and already under the tree?😇🎄💝

If you are like me, definitely not!!! 😨

I've just started to think about what I might get friends and family and when on earth I'm going to get time to go and get it, 🤔 but I am feeling smug today because I made my first online purchases from the comfort of my sofa, with a cup of tea and a biscuit. 😊☕️

So, I just thought I'd remind you, that I do have an online shop on my website, with lots of handcrafted glass mosaics, ideal for the garden or to put in a window, which means it's super easy for you to have a browse and make a purchase and tick someone off your Christmas present list today.

I do still also have a couple of slots left, so if you would like something bespoke and personalised made, please visit the gallery for ideas and contact me if I can help.

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