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Materials and Aftercare

I like to use a mixture of high quality sheet glass, including transparent, translucent, opaque, iridescent, textured and mirrored glass. I often add extra texture with glass nuggets, beads, tiles and recycled china. 

The glass has been hand cut, the edges smoothed and then glued onto a clear perspex base. This type of base makes the mosaic robust for use outside. Once dried, I then grout using exterior grade grout. It's the messy bit, but really makes the colours pop!


All the materials I use are frost proof and weather resistant, (unless specified otherwise), so your piece is ready to display outside in your garden and can stay out all year round. Just be mindful, that in high winds, it is best placed somewhere sheltered. Of course my mosaics can also be displayed indoors if you prefer. Somewhere bright near a window will make the most of any sunshine. 


As with any item made from glass, please be careful when handling. There may be sharp edges to some of the glass, so please keep out of reach of small children. You can clean the glass, if needed, using water and a little washing up liquid, with a sponge or soft cloth.

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