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Hoorah- Primrose Mosaics Workshops Are Back

Hi Everyone

How are you all bearing up? Back at work? Working from home? Taken up new hobbies? Spending time on DIY and gardening? Enjoying the step back from busy life? Busier than ever? Still shielding? Missing friends and family? Coming to terms with sending the kids back to school/Uni? Tentatively venturing out again? Itching to get back to ‘normal’ life?

To be honest, I’ve experienced many of these since March… every change and new challenge I’ve faced, has taken some getting used to. I’ve had good days and a few bad days, but I’ve tried to focus on positives and adapt and take control of those things I can do something about.


The big news is that I have recently had some exciting renovations done to the studio to double the work space and enable social distancing (you’ll be impressed!) and I’m looking forward to being able to start running mosaic workshops here at Primrose HQ again.

You can also read about the procedures I have put in place to keep us all safe at the workshops.

It's really exciting to be able to welcome you back into the studio to continue your mosaic journey.


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