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A Gift Experience To Remember

Have you thought about giving a craft experience this Christmas, instead of an actual physical gift?

Maybe your mum, the in laws, a special friend or sibling would enjoy this......

My Swindon based beginners mosaic course is ideal for those who want to learn a new skill, unleash their creativity or simply escape from the stresses and pressures of life for a few hours. They are the perfect gift, that won't end up hidden at the back of a cupboard by December 28th! I can guarantee it'll be a gift they remember.

Here's what recent students have said about the course....

"Loved it so much. Best therapy." - Emma

"It was such good fun and, as I was a real beginner, I was really pleased with what I was able to achieve." - Claire

And yes of course you can tell Santa if it's YOU who wants to be opening a mosaic course gift voucher on Christmas Day! 🎅🏻If you pass on my website address, I'm sure he'll be able to sort something out for you!!!

Alternatively, you could forward this on to someone as a big hint! Sometimes people just need a little push in the right direction!

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