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Sunburst @ Showborough Gardens Sculpture Exhibition

My second exhibit for the 2017 Showborough Gardens Sculpture Exhibition was based on a huge version of my ever popular glass mosaic sunburst circles which are available through my website shop. I picked the combination of fiery oranges, reds and yellows, with gold mirror to compliment these. Once the circular perspex base had arrived, I couldn't wait to get started and create different textures and patterns within the design. I had sketched out some very rough ideas, but it really evolved as I worked - I love the creative freedom of working this way, trying different glass until I find something that works perfectly. The finished piece includes a mixture of textured, mirrored, iridescent, wispy and translucent glass, as well as glass nuggets and glass tiles, to give the piece a variety of interesting textures and maximise the light reflection.

At this point, I had an idea of combining it with other materials and was particularly keen that it involved a metal structure that would rust over time and compliment the coloured glass I had used. I also had in mind the sunburst being supported with in a metal frame like a globe, but wasn't sure how to elevate this to give it real presence, whilst keeping it stable. Time for a visit to the blacksmith!

Donkeywell Forge is a traditional blacksmiths forge where Jon and his team create amazing architectural and artistic sculptural work, both traditional and contemporary. I love the idea of combining my glass work with that of other craftsmen and women. Jon took my sketches and discussed the technicalities- I knew my vision was in safe hands and would soon be coming to fruition. He showed me a garden sculpture he was working on, using a granite column to support his metal structure. I could immediately see it was the perfect solution to display my glass sunburst mosaic and, luckily for me, he had a spare piece.

To say I was excited when I went to collect it, was an understatement! Once the glass sunburst was complete, I could put all the elements together to create the amazing garden sculpture I had envisaged. The scale and combination of the the component parts seemed to fit perfectly and, as the sun came out, the colours absolutely took my breath away.

The next exciting stage, was to transport it for installation at Showborough House Gardens, ready for the exhibition. It is a substantial piece of garden art and I knew it would make an impressive focal point, within the wonderful setting that owner, Andrew, provides for the artists. The added bonus I had not foreseen, was the stunning reflections it would throw onto the path there... just beautiful! I do hope it's a sunny day if you get a chance to visit Showborough,