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I hand craft all of my glass mosaics using frost proof materials, making each one a unique piece of art that can be enjoyed in the garden all year round. 


Colour Palette:  Daffodil- green/ yellow

Design: Sunburst Circle

Size : available in 3 sizes- 15cm/20cm/25cm diameter


Light will reflect from the mirrored and iridescent glass pieces at the front and through the translucent glass from the back, giving you stunning colours throughout the day and across the seasons, as the light changes.
I hand cut a mixture of flat and patterned high quality sheet glass, as well as using glass nuggets and glass tiles, to give the piece a variety of interesting textures and maximise the light reflection.

Your glass mosaic comes with a small s-shaped metal hook ready to hang in your garden. The curly metal pole is not included.

Items are made to order, so please check lead time at the top of the shop page.

Daffodil Sunburst Circle: Glass Hanging Garden Mosaic