Swindon, Wiltshire 

(Please come via Thamesdown Drive A4198- Torun Way- Guernsey Lane-

Look for the Guernsey Farmhouse sign at the far end)

DO NOT approach via Torun Way South, as there is a bus lane with cameras.

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The advanced workshop is open to former students with some experience of mosaics and glass cutting, who would like the challenge of planning and creating a larger project of their own.

2 days: 10am- 4:30pm with ½ hour lunch break, bring your own lunch, giving 6 hours working time per day = total of 12 hours. Tea/ coffee/ water/ squash/ cake (of course!) provided by me.

Max 4 students to give you plenty of space and 1:1 help.


The cost of £120 includes studio time (all glass, tiles, adhesive and grout needed, plus use of tools and my support). Grouting instructions are also provided, plus a demo (if you need a reminder) so that you can grout at home. Or you come back for a separate grouting session, which we will arrange to suit us both? 

In addition, you would pay for your base and any poles (I have costed this separately because the cost of the bases vary considerably according to the size, thickness and shape)… we would liaise beforehand so that I had everything ordered, cut and drilled ready for you and agree the price which you could pay on the day. Obviously shapes and sizes are open to suggestions, we can create something bespoke for you, so if you want a 4 foot hedgehog or an alien from outer space, we can work out a design and a price together!!


To give you some possible examples and idea of prices:

150x750x10mm rectangular panel = £18

400mm x 400mmx 8mm large dragonfly= £22

400mm x 400mmx 10mm large dragonfly= £25 (You'd prob be able to make 2 in the time)

170x 340x 8mm Teardrops = £12

170x 340x 10mm Teardrops = £14 ( You'd probably be able to make 2/ 3 in the time)

Metal Poles with flattened ends (including drilling to match your base)- comes in a variety of lengths eg 50cm-200cm/ straight or curved. £15 each


If you are interested in joining a future advanced workshop then do contact me to register your interest. Once I have a group of 4, we will set a mutually convenient date. 


Saturday 3rd/ Sunday 4th August- Advanced Workshop- FULL