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APOLOGIES, but due to existing commission work and development of my first online course, I am unable to offer this service at the moment.


I have many people who are not able to attend a workshop here in the UK, but have questions about resources, techniques, projects they are working on or would just like some help to get started with glass mosaic making.

I'm happy to share my tips and tricks, demonstrate skills and teach via a mutually convenient zoom call. I can offer online help and advice with designing, choosing materials, different glass types, cutting glass, placing pieces, gluing, grouting, cleaning up, displaying etc.

This will be on a 1:1 individual basis so that we can focus on what you want to learn, rather than a generic course and will include a free 10 minute precall or email correspondance, so that we can discuss what you would like me to cover; I will then come with relevant resources prepared, ready to demonstrate and send you information on resources you may need.

If you would like to find out more about if this would be helpful to you...then take a look around my website to see the sort of work I create. My area of expertise is using handcut glass on a perspex substrate for outdoor use.

Mosaic Making - 1:1 Online Tuition

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